July 26 2016


Building your new home with appropriate waterproofing is critical to avoid hefty repair bills at a later stage. The following, Waterproofing Tips will help you to avoid any mistakes.

-> Building elements in wet areas must be waterproof or water resistant in accordance with the National Construction Code and must comply with Australian Standard AS3740 – Waterproofing of domestic wet areas.
-> Bathrooms, showers, laundries and toilets are considered to be wet areas within a home, and as such, the building elements in these rooms must be waterproof or water resistant. The
-> For bathrooms with timber floors (including timber sheet flooring such as particleboard or plywood sheet flooring), the entire floor outside the shower area must be waterproofed. Likewise, floor and wall junctions should be waterproofed whether the bathroom floor has timber or fibre-cement floors.
-> If concrete or compressed fibre-cement sheet flooring is used in wet areas, the floor must at least be water resistant.

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Standards Courtesy: VBA

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